Message from the President

Welcome to Golden Pass LNG Terminal website!

Golden Pass LNG consists of two major assets that help service the energy needs of the United States. While Golden Pass LNG is headquartered in downtown Houston, Texas, our field operations are located in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana.

The Golden Pass Pipeline is a 42-inch pipeline that runs sixty nine miles from the LNG Terminal located at Sabine Pass, Texas to its end point in Starks, Louisiana. The pipeline has a series of ten interconnects with other pipelines, which provides great flexibility in utilizing its capacity of 2.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to service customers throughout the United States. The pipeline commenced service in March of 2011.

The Golden Pass LNG Terminal, located close to the town of Sabine Pass, Texas, has a nominal gas send out capacity of 2 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas. It is a world class facility with a storage capability in excess of 17 billion cubic feet of natural gas and is designed to receive the largest LNG tankers in the world. The two phases of the terminal facilities were placed in service in March and May of 2011. The support and expertise provided by our shareholders, namely Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips, was instrumental in the development of these state of the art facilities.

Golden Pass LNG maintains its commitment as a positive, active corporate citizen, by ensuring environmentally sound operations and conducting operations with the highest regard for safety, reliability and integrity. Golden Pass LNG's ongoing success in these areas is continuously achieved through the dedication and commitment of our employees and contractor community. Additionally, our shareholders promote and foster these relationships and practices because they are both significant and invaluable to the present and future achievements of Golden Pass LNG.

Golden Pass LNG is proud of what we've accomplished in the construction, start-up and continued operations of our facilities. We are even prouder to hold high the relationship we have built with the local community over the years and look forward to strengthening that relationship even further. Whether it is supporting local United Way campaigns, working with a state agency in a program for the restoration of local marshlands, providing scholarship funds for higher education, or simply sending a team to support a tree planting effort in the Sabine Pass community, Golden Pass LNG continues to be active in helping the communities in which we do business.

I hope you find this website informative and reflective of the pride we have in our company.

Eric Pletcher
President, Golden Pass LNG